Handling of Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information
We declare that we recognize the importance of your Personal Information, Individual Number, and personal information that includes your Individual Number, and that in order to ensure that your Personal Information remains fully protected, we comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of Personal Information, guidelines made by the government, and other standards, and that we handle your Personal Information appropriately.

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
In the course of our business activities, which revolve around presenting our customers with the perfect way to communicate their message, and especially while carrying out printing work, we handle the Personal Information that we hold about you only insofar as this handling is necessary to achieve the following purposes of use.

【Personal Information obtained through means other than directly via a written document from you】

[1] Purposes of use involving our printing business: To carry out the printing work commissioned from us by you

【Personal Information that can be disclosed】

[1] Personal Information related to our online business

Purposes of use: To carry out the printing work and goods shipping work commissioned from us by you

[2] Personal Information from client companies

Purposes of use: Proposals, estimates, orders, acceptance of work or goods, and production by client companies, and communication about these matters

[3] Employee information

Purposes of use: Management (including payroll and tax management, health management, pension and insurance management, response and contact in times of disaster) of employees (current and retired)

[4] Information about employees’ dependents

Purposes of use: Joining insurance programs, retirement procedures, carrying out work related to tax management, etc.

[5] Information about job applicants

Purposes of use: Contacting job applicants, work related to recruitment

[6] Information about individual business owners

Purposes of use: payment of compensation, creation of payment records, etc., and communication about these matters

[7] Information related to questions, inquiries, claims, etc., about any of the above

Purposes of use: For questions, inquiries, claims, etc., and communication about these matters

[8] Personal information of video by surveillance camera

Purposes of use: Work related to crime prevention and disaster prevention

2. About Disclosure, etc., of Personal Information
If we receive a request from an individual to notify them about purposes of use for Personal Information that is available for disclosure, disclose that information, make corrections, additions, or deletions of part of the information, cease use of the information, delete information, or cease providing the information to a third party (“Disclosure, etc.”), we will comply with that request without delay and in accordance with the following procedures, after verifying that the request came from the individual concerned or his representative.

[1] Where to request Disclosure, etc.

Please direct requests for Disclosure, etc., to the following point of contact.

Point of contact for inquiries about Personal Information

Executive in charge of management of Personal Information: Representative Director
Kenji Tokunaga
Tel. 0143-43-2121

[2] Documents to be submitted with a request for Disclosure, etc.

Please fill in the required details on our established “Disclosure/Suspension of Use, etc. Request Form.”

[3] How we verify that the request came from the individual concerned or his representative

We will make a comprehensive judgment based on the Personal Information about the individual concerned that is held by our company.

If the request comes from a legal representative, we will ask for an official copy of the family register.

If the request comes from an authorized agent, we will ask for proof of power of attorney.

[4] How we reply to requests

We will send a reply to the address of the individual concerned or their representative by certified mail with delivery restricted to the addressee.

[5] Fees for notifications about purposes of use, disclosure of information, and payment method thereof

We will charge a handling fee of \1200 per request (tax included), to be paid via bank deposit.

3. Point of contact for complaints and inquiries regarding our handling and protection of Personal Information
Please direct any complaints and inquiries regarding our handling and protection of Personal Information to the administrator responsible, whose contact information is given below.

Hokkai Printing., Ltd.
Personal Information administrator: Representative Director Kenji Tokunaga